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What to Look For in a Drawer Nightstand

A drawer nightstand, night table, bedside cabinet or daystand is a small furniture piece designed to rest against a bed, side table, dresser or another piece of furniture intended to rest on top of a bed. Most nightstands and night tables are small bed side tables, often only with one or occasionally more drawers and less doors. Some nightstands have additional storage space underneath, while others feature a flat surface on which to deposit items that need access to the top of the drawer. A drawer nightstand is usually about as tall as it is long, with the base being usually shorter. It sits up on end, just like a traditional dresser, and opens out to reveal a set of drawers.

The majority of drawer nightstands offer either an open or closed drawer system. With an open drawer system, the drawer sits completely open and is attached to the top of the drawer with a threaded rod or screw. With a closed drawer system, the drawer sits partially open and is connected to the bottom of the drawer with a screw or other connection. Both types of drawer systems can be found on many styles and makes of furniture, including modern day office furniture. There are also different styles of drawer nightstands that include a hinged cover for easier access to the drawers. They are commonly found in bachelor pad type apartments and dorm rooms and can provide an easy place to store small objects or even a place to hide a personal item of some importance.

One major difference between a drawer nightstand and a chest of drawers is that the latter is much wider, providing more surface area for stored objects. While this sounds great from an aesthetic standpoint, it is very impractical when it comes to the amount of space taken up by the wide drawer. This means that, when choosing a drawer nightstand for a bedroom or small living area, you should choose one that allows for wider drawer space. For those living in small apartments, this is not a big issue, but those who have grown used to spacious living may find this inconvenient. A hinged drawer nightstand would make the most practical selection for such a room. Let us know more information about Outstanding drawer nightstand of your furniture

Another difference between drawer nightstands and chests of drawers is that drawer style nightstands do not have legs, while chest of drawers have slightly rounded, extended legs. This makes them ideal for free-standing furniture or for use on their own. They make excellent guest chests for homes where there are not enough closet space to accommodate a chest of drawers, since they can easily be stacked or moved.

In addition to the aesthetics, there are also a number of functional features to look for when selecting a drawer nightstand. Most drawer nightstands have an adjustable height that allows you to customize the drawer to the height that is most convenient. Many have a side shelf that holds small items that are not frequently used, while others have one large shelf that can accommodate bulky ones. The drawer style of nightstand also typically includes a drawer lock to ensure the safe-keeping of important documents.

The combination of these two styles is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and give it a modern, trendy vibe. In most cases, you will want to choose a nightstand or drawer nightstand that fits well with the other furnishings in your room. For instance, if you have contemporary furnishings, you will probably want a nightstand that is in the same bold, geometric style as the other furniture. Or if you have an ethnic-inspired room, you might want a drawer style that features wood motifs, to tie the entire room together.

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