Designing Your Own Ring Vs Buying Ready

Designing your own ring is the best way to personalize the design. This way you can ensure that the piece looks and feels exactly as you had envisioned, and you are also involved in the creative process. For couples, this can feel like a journey they take together, making the ring even more symbolic and unique. Brick and mortar is a tough, contractual game, and I’d love to look into that once Ready-Made reaches a certain milestone . The physical experience is really fitting because Ready-Made is about the experience. How fun would it be if there were photo ops and stickers and enamel pins that customers could have access to immediately.

Our designs are inspired by passion, nature, and place. They play off ideas of belonging, growth and identity that takes back contemporary high fashion with sleek and tasteful metalwork infused with our values. My aesthetic is bold-minimal, but our designs are also really informed by our materials and technology. It just happens that my aesthetic fits our process. We could get really intricate if we wanted to, but that requires more time than traditional Small Business manufacturing, and I think our target audience doesn’t want to wait.

From bangles to friendship bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more; our quality range includes ready-made gold jewellery as well as pieces in sterling silver. Add a little more sparkle to the holidays of those on your list. Gift special women in your life with a beautiful gemstone pendant necklace, gold bracelet, or unique earrings. For younger girls, classic gold hoops or hoops adorned with small, colorful Swarovski crystal beads are ideal. Pair with a matching bracelet for an unforgettable stocking stuffer.

We launched with a nostalgic collection that was 90s inspired and I had to figure out how to balance the design with the brand ethos of being a different category of affordable jewelry. It was about eight months later when we launched our minimal, everyday pieces when Ready-Made took off. Wellesley alumna Jennifer Meng ’13 founded Ready-Made Jewelry in 2018 with a goal of establishing a jewelry brand that could be both high quality and affordable. Her jewelry stands out for its emphasis on sustainability and nontraditional — that is, waterproof and safe-for-skin — materials, which are used to create bold yet minimalistic designs. Jennifer spoke with us about her path to creating Ready-Made Jewelry, what inspires her designs, and the future of her brand.

From a practical business point of view, jewelry is much easier to package and ship and store. I think most of all, though, is I noticed that, unlike other products, jewelry in itself is like an end-product; branding for a jewelry brand relies almost entirely on its value or its perceived luxury. Once a consumer receives a piece of jewelry, that’s kind of it. I just wanted something more fun, a jewelry brand with merch, a jewelry brand with stickers and a pen and other goodies. I wanted to create a lifestyle jewelry brand instead of just designing jewelry.

Because each piece is individually made by hand, each one is a bit different from the rest, united by design, but still as special and unique as it’s wearer. As for their gold-colored rings- I think they would hold up nicely as long as you don’t plan to submerge them in water for long periods of time. My rose-gold colored anklet took a long time to darken even with my poor treatment of it. We’ve adopted processes from the aerospace industry to make jewelry that is eco-friendly and ethical.

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