Tips for Waste Clearance 2021

Longer temr you could also request a larger or extra wheelie bin from your council. That said, if you’re in a hurry, click this link to find your cheapest garden waste removal company in seconds. Price guides of how much people are paying waste collection companies today to dispose of different types of bulky waste. The price of a council bulky waste collection is subsidised but rarely free .

As such, it will need to be removed by hand and carried to the vehicle .

Easy access and location normally mean lower prices because the job takes less time to load. Difficult locations and access mean more time spent on site which increases a collector’s cost, which in turn means they will normally require a higher price. So if you think something can be reduced in size, we recommend dismantling yourself before the Rubbish Clearance Blog arrives. The easiest option is to see if your retailer offers a take-back service when you buy a new appliance through them. When that’s not an option, you could take the junk to your local HWRC. Waste on public or private land without consent is illegal and referred to as fly-tipping.

Make sure that you know which materials can be recycled in your local area, and take the time to properly sort your items. Some items may need to be taken to a special recycling facility, so be sure to do your research before tossing them in the bin. Our teams promise to turn up on time, work quickly and efficiently, and clean up after themselves so you’re not left with a mess.

The Covid-19 lockdown has given many householders time to carry out home improvement projects and generally tidy up their living space. Sadly, there is always a proportion of waste that simply can’t go anywhere other than landfill. We have a target of no more than 10% of items ending up this way – and with diligence, we usually manage to hit it. Larger items such as photocopiers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, microwaves and dishwashers are also covered, as are drinks machines, running machines and some garden machinery.

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