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The Best Water Plants For Your Water Garden

Aside from providing color and texture to a water feature, water plants also serve as food, shelter and oxygen for fish. Additionally, they add to the aesthetics of the entire space. Read on to learn about some of the best water plants. Listed below are some of the most common types of water plants. Read on to learn more about the benefits of each species and the best ways to care for them. Also, see the list of the best water plants for a garden.

Water lettuce is often grown for its striking foliage – it resembles a carpet of leafy lettuce heads. While this may not seem like a plant that would be suited for the vijverplanten kopen it can actually serve an important role. It shades the water, creating a habitat for small fish. However, it must be treated as an annual in climates with a cold winter. In warm-winter climates, water lettuce can be invasive.

Duckweed is another plant that thrives in water. This plant can be invasive in wetlands, but it is a highly attractive aquatic plant. It can grow up to nine feet above the water. While its foliage is attractive, it can also be invasive and choke out other plants in a pond. Water hyacinths, which look like duckweed, are another great option for your water garden. Not only do they add visual interest to a water garden, but they can also filter out pollutants from the water.

In summer, water lotus is another popular choice. Its cup-shaped flowers bloom in clusters that can reach six inches. Though this plant is invasive, there are dwarf varieties that can only reach eight inches. They can quickly overtake a pond if left unchecked. Make sure to plant them in a container before submerging them in water. The umbrella palm is a taller species, which provides a lush backdrop for shorter aquatic plants.

Some of the water plants have a unique ability to change position in the water column. In late Spring, Water soldier will float slowly up the water column as a rootless rosette. During this time, it will produce vegetative daughter plants and roots. Once flowering is complete, the Water soldier will atrophy its roots and then sink down through the water column. This is a unique phenomenon that distinguishes water soldier from other plants.

The water lily, nymphaea odorata, is an excellent choice for a garden pond. Like water lotus, this plant thrives in shallower environments and requires long daylight hours to grow. The leaves of water lilies are often found in combination with one another. Water lilies are ideal for beginners because their flowers are beautiful and resemble lilies in vases.

Common arrowhead: Another native to North America, the arrowhead plant grows in wet soils and produces arrow-shaped leaves. When grown in a water feature, arrowhead plants are easy to maintain and have minimal water requirements. However, they are also considered invasive. In addition to providing food for fish and wildlife, arrowheads produce starchy tubers similar to those of small potatoes. The starchy tubers are edible to humans, making them a worthwhile plant for water gardens.

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