Nerf Laser Tag Set – Is It A Toy That Kids Will Really Enjoy?

You’ve seen the laser gun toy used in movies and video games, but you’re not sure whether it’s the real deal. Well let’s be honest: It’s not. The only way you’ll really know if it works is if you try it out for yourself.

There are four groups of these futuristic laser guns which are generally called the pistol group, machine gun group, handheld tank group, and the hand-held missile group. The gun can fire up to eight BB capsules in the fully automatic mode, which is the same as the real gun. Also, most models are only able to fire one BB at a time, though there are some models capable of switching between the different groups. Also, keep in mind that most toys use small orange colored bb’s instead of green ones in the automatic mode; the original bbs would be green, but as all good things must end, they’re now blue.

So if it’s not realistic then how does this gun work? Actually, this isn’t quite accurate either. Though it’s been inspired by real-life weapons like the M1 Thompson and the typewriter, the actual inspiration for the laser gun is the Laser gun toy, a particle accelerator invented by Dr. Isaac Farley. Dr. Farley hoped that by developing a device that could produce high levels of particle emission, it would be possible to make mankind’s life easier.

While many believe the XM-Laser to be the invention that started laser tag, it was actually Dr. Farley’s creation of the first remote control laser gun that was actually responsible for the toy’s phenomenal success. The basic idea behind the toy was that the beams emitted by the toy would interact with each other and deflect in certain patterns in order to produce high levels of energy, thus creating the buzz that is associated with laser tag. After several years of development, a new design was introduced that included a motion detector so that the toy could respond to whether or not someone was tagged. The result was laser tag blasters. These were the first lifelike taking pictures sounds and the first laser tag ever made.

While the toy has had a great deal of success over the years, it can be somewhat of a hassle when you need to actually play with it. Because the toy operates using a series of beams, often four, each must be aimed at a target in order to shoot at it, and the only way to do this effectively is to line up your team members in order to achieve the best results. In addition, because the batteries for laser tag are so expensive, many manufacturers have designed their own sets of rechargeable batteries in order to make the toy even more affordable for children. Finally, when it comes time to change the batteries, most laser tag sets actually require the use of six or more batteries in order to play.

Many users report that the battery life on these toys is decent, though they have experienced several false starts during play, which can prove to be frustrating for kids that are particularly motivated to play. Some users also report problems with the accuracy of the lasers, although this too can prove problematic for younger users. Nerf has attempted to address this issue by adding an optic rail to the bottom part of the handheld unit, but it does not seem to help much. Likewise, users report that the sound effects are annoying and occasionally cause a disruption to conversations. Overall, while the Nerf laser tag set is a fun toy, many of its shortcomings may hinder its ability to capture the interest of young users.

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